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I have a view with a property which i want to update its value when i make a fetch request.

            function( _,Backbone,TaskCollection) {
            var UserTasksView = Backbone.View.extend({
                cur_task: undefined,
                initialize: function() {
                    this.collection = new TaskCollection;
                    this.model = this.collection._model;

view_task: function( event ) {

                var el = $(event.currentTarget);
                var task_id = el.attr('data-taskid');
                var row = el.parents('td').parents('tr.task-row');



                var task = this.collection.fetch({
                    data: {id:task_id},



            _task_fetch_success: function(response,status,xhr) {
                this.cur_task = JSON.stringify(status);
                return status;

            * Displays the details of a task
            _show_task_detail: function() {
                var main = $('.app-content');
                var detail_view = $('.app-extra');
                var task_detail_view = $("#task-detail-view");

                //Reduce task list view width
                //Display app extra bar
                //show task detail  view
                var template = ich.task_detail(this.cur_task)

The ajax request trigger by the fetch is successful and success callback executes, but when i try to log "cur_task" property, it shows up as undefined; What am i doing wrong

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You have a couple problems that start right here:

var task = this.collection.fetch({
    data: {id:task_id},

and here:

_task_fetch_success: function(response,status,xhr) {
    this.cur_task = JSON.stringify(status);
    return status;

First of all, the success callback is not a jQuery success callback and doesn't receive the usual jQuery parameters; from the fine manual:

The options hash takes success and error callbacks which will be passed (collection, response) as arguments.

so your _task_fetch_success function is called as f(collection, response) not as f(response, status, xhr) as you're expecting; this is why you have to treat the status parameter as JSON: the status is actually the response.

Your next problem is that this isn't what you think it is inside your _task_fetch_success function. Backbone's fetch just calls success as a plain old function:

  var success = options.success;
  options.success = function(resp, status, xhr) {
    collection[options.add ? 'add' : 'reset'](collection.parse(resp, xhr), options);
    if (success) success(collection, resp, options); // <--------------- Right here
    collection.trigger('sync', collection, resp, options);

That means that this will be window, not your view. The easiest way to work around this problem is to add _task_fetch_success to your _.bindAll list in initialize:

initialize: function() {
    _.bindAll(this, 'render', '_task_fetch_success');
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