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Trying to reset my Rails app's shared database on Heroku.

Doing the following appears to work.

heroku pg:reset SHARED_DATABASE --confirm rabid-raccoon-2000

I get: Resetting SHARED_DATABASE (DATABASE_URL)... done

And running heroku run rake db:migrate after that appears to work as well. But when I run heroku run console, or try to use the app, it does not reflect the changes (it still uses an ancient db schema- even right after I reset it).

I've tried this with both the free 5mb free db, as well as with the $15 shared db, both to no avail. No idea what db it's working with.

My database.yml is checked into version control, but I don't see how that can be a problem.

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This is making me crazy as well... I'm almost to your solution. –  Geoff Jul 20 '12 at 2:37

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Just deleted the app and started over. Explanations are welcome.

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Just a thought... I followed the directions here to set up a beta postgresql database. The plus is that it gives me direct access to the database so I can change anything needed by my tables.

I then removed the generated .sql file with "git rm conf/evolutions/default/1.sql," committed and pushed to heroku. Happily, the app is now working!

This issue is very frustrating, especially since it mostly affects people using Heroku for the first time (w/ the shared database). It wasn't the database script since it worked just fine on the local dev database. Hope this helps you out for next time.

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