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Suppose you have

public enum Week {

How can one get int representing that Sunday is 0, Wednesday is 3 etc?

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Week week = Week.SUNDAY;

int i = week.ordinal();

Be careful though, that this value will change if you alter the order of enum constants in the declaration. One way of getting around this is to self-assign an int value to all your enum constants like this:

public enum Week 

     private static final Map<Integer,Week> lookup 
          = new HashMap<Integer,Week>();

     static {
          for(Week w : EnumSet.allOf(Week.class))
               lookup.put(w.getCode(), w);

     private int code;

     private Week(int code) {
          this.code = code;

     public int getCode() { return code; }

     public static Week get(int code) { 
          return lookup.get(code); 
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+1 for providing a nice answer where a 1-liner would have been sufficient –  avalancha Dec 2 '13 at 9:07

You can call:


but personally I would add an attribute to the enum to store the value, initialize it in the enum constructor and add a function to get the value. This is better because the value of MONDAY.ordinal can change if the enum constants are moved around.

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Take a look at the API it is usually a decent place to start. Though I would not have guessed without having run into this before that you call ENUM_NAME.ordinal()

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