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I have a little problem with a reqular expression in my application. I have following code which works well for all patterns, that are not just '/':

if (preg_match("#". $pattern1 . "(/.*+)?#", $pattern2)) {
    $topActive = TRUE;

When I have $pattern1 with /line-up or /line-up/opening and $pattern2 with /line-up/opening it works as expected. But it also matches when I have just '/' as $pattern1. what can I do to prevent matching against '/', but let it still match against the other mentioned patterns?

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(/.*+), The * means any number of chars (including 0), + means more than or equal to 1 char, you seem to be mixing them up here? –  craig1231 Jul 18 '12 at 21:12
Thanks for the advice. I have corrected it ;) But it does not affect the rest of the problem. –  Develman Jul 18 '12 at 21:18

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You want to match the exact string? E.g.

| $pattern1  | $pattern2             |
| /line-up   | /line-up/ or /line-up |

Then you can use ^ and $:


But if you want to match /line-up, /line-up/, /line-up/foobar, ect. it won't work. You cannot do it.

I think you want this for routing? I think the best option is to put the shortest route (/) in front and the longest in the end (/line-up).

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I have setup routing and that works very well, but now I want to get some control in my menu structure. For this I want to check if the current pattern (e.g. /line-up/opening) matches the pattern of the menu entry. But the menu entry could not only be /line-up/opening, but also just / and also /line-up/finishing. For /line-up/finishing it works (it does not match) but my problem is the '/'. –  Develman Jul 18 '12 at 21:14
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I have found a solution for my problem. I have to check the found matches against the pattern again.

if (preg_match("#". $menuRoute->getPattern() . "(/.+)?#", $route->getPattern(), $matches)) {
    if (isset($matches[0]) && $matches[0] == $route->getPattern()) {
    $topActive = TRUE;
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