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I have run into a quirk in MYSQL that is proving to be very vexing.

I am updating an existing record using a sql statement. All the updates work fine except when it gets to zip code, if the value for the zip is empty, it inserts a 0. If the field does have a value it inserts the correct value without any problem.

The datatype for the zip field is int(11).

Here is sql statement in query:

$sql= "UPDATE memberinfo SET firstname = '$firstname', lastname = '$lastname', zipcode='$zipcode', emailadr='$emailadr' WHERE memberid= '$memberid'";

When you echo that out before updating if zipcode is empty, it shows zipcode = '',

The 0 is getting inserted by MYSQL in response to something or another.

I tried removing the apostrophes around the zip value and MYSQL threw an error so that is not a fix.

Has anyone run across this or can you suggest a solution?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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It has to enter a zero because you set the type to int. to get around that, change the type to varchar, and allow it to be null –  Johnny Craig Jul 18 '12 at 21:40
The field is null before the update..because the records are initially created without specifying a zipcode value. Is it customary to make zipcodes varchar fields? –  user1260310 Jul 18 '12 at 21:42
i make zipcode fields varchar because some people add dashes or letters to their zip. and with int, it wont work. if you want it to be int, but a blank value. dont update zip='' ,just leave that out. –  Johnny Craig Jul 18 '12 at 21:43
@Johnny Craig: In what country zipcodes have letters? PS: I personally prefer to ask person to input data in expected format, rather than giving the ability to insert some garbage –  zerkms Jul 18 '12 at 21:44
well some people insert a long zip, such as 90036-0244. and in other countries, such as canada, zips contain letters. –  Johnny Craig Jul 18 '12 at 21:45

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$sql= "UPDATE memberinfo SET firstname = '$firstname', lastname = '$lastname', zipcode=" . (!$zipcode ? 'NULL' : (int)$zipcode) . ", emailadr='$emailadr' WHERE memberid= '$memberid'";

In this case - if $zipcode is empty (empty string or 0) - NULL will be inserted, and the actual value otherwise

PS: make sure your zipcode field is NULLable

PPS: now you get 0 because mysql casts empty string to integer and that's 0

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This is a good answer. I think I am going to change to varchar, however, for the reasons Johnny suggested above. The UK and Japan also have letter zips.. –  user1260310 Jul 18 '12 at 21:57
This won't work, because it wants to save the literal string NULL, not a null value. If you remove the quotation marks around the zipcode value, it'll work. –  TRiG Jun 8 at 10:47
@TRiG single quote characters is a required part of php syntax for a string literal. Please check once again, it's all fine :-) If you don't believe me - simply run statement and check the $sql variable contents afterwards. –  zerkms Jun 8 at 10:54
Ah, you're tricking me by enclosing your string literal in double quotes and using interpolated variables. I never code in that style myself. –  TRiG Jun 8 at 10:57
@TRiG I personally don't do that either - I either use prepared statements (for sql) or sprintf for arbitrary strings, but in this case I just "fixed" the OPs original code, which does use interpolation. –  zerkms Jun 8 at 10:58

Yes, an empty string, when inserted into an INT filed will be treated as 0. If you are truly using INT and want the default filed value to be insert (or a NULL value to be inserted if allowed by field settings), then you should not put single quotes around the zip code value, but rather change up you query logic to inset value of zipcode=NULL or exclude that filed from the insert altogether.

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This is old but I was struggling with this issue using bind_para statements and did want to change int to varchar in mysql. So I wrote a little helper function that converted the empty string to null. I go the idea when I was researching a similar problem sending empty strings to date variables This is the simple function that is called from the array that is used to set up the bind parameters

function nullEmptyInt($inputVal){
    if($inputVal == '' || empty($inputVal)){
        return null;
        return (int)($inputVal);
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