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I'm running grails 2.0.4 on a mac, and installed the burningimage plugin to handle image uploads.

I have this at in my domain object:

import pl.burningice.plugins.image.ast.FileImageContainer 

however, netbeans says it's unable to resolve the class, and when I call imageUploadService in my controller, I get this error

No such property: imageUploadService for class: wine.WineController

Netbeans believes the plugin is installed, and I can see the plugin source files under the project in the .grails folder. Any idea how to resolve the import?

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A grails clean and recompile might help it see the class. However I get these type of import 'errors' in Netbeans but everything compiles and runs fine.

Try injecting the service in your controller:

class WineController {
   def imageUploadService
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thanks, I believe adding the def imageUploadService fixed the problem. –  phauwn Jul 19 '12 at 0:55

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