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I'm just getting started testing my Backbone app with Sinon and Jasmine. I have a view that look something like (coffeescript):

  initialize: ->
    @collection.on 'reset', @render, this

  render: ->
    if @collection.fetched
      # do stuff
      @$el.append "<h3>Loading...</h3>"



I want to test this with an unfetched collection, but I'm not sure how to fake an ajax call within my code (obviously can easily be done in the spec). I realize that I could just pass in a pre-fetched collection, but I'm curious -- is it possible with Sinon to override the fetch function to return a fake response?

Thank you for any help.

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Under the hood, Backbone uses jQuery's $.ajax method, so you can stub that out. We use this to catch accidental calls in our Jasmine specs:

$.ajax = -> throw "ajaxShouldBeStubbedOutError: #{JSON.stringify arguments}"

And then you can stub over that if you want to fake an AJAX call and its response:

spyOn($,'ajax').andCallFake (options) =>
  if options.url is "/correct"
    options.success {"data":"yay"}
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