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We found an issue with our in-house CDN solution.

An Auth user adds photo's or docs to their project. We upload the files to local driver on the server different from the website application.

Example: [ d:\websites\\]  running web-app
Example: [ e:\cdn\\assests\]  storage area

If a Auth user uploads a an image ... then right-clicks on it, the exposed URL is:

We are using GUID for the Project Folder / User Folder / ImageName.jpg

However, if you copy/paste and send this URL to a friend (Not Auth user), you can access the image/file/etc ...

How can we protect the CDN to only server up files if user is Auth?

Windows 2008 Server IIS 7 ASP.NET 4 C# Web app

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Create a custom HTTP Module that handles all incoming requests to the cdn site. In the handler you can check if they are authenticated or not

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Instead of directly referencing the files you could force it to go through a generic http handler. The handler should check the login status of the request and if it isn't logged in don't server any content.

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