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I'm new to Doctrine 2, so I'm using the documentation on docs.doctrine-project.org as a template to get me started. I've generated all of the files I need (I think), and now I'm trying to run the command

doctrine orm:schema-tool:create

but doctrine is spitting back

Invalid mapping file 'QueryRequest.dcm.xml' for class 'QueryRequest'.

Here's my QueryRequest.dcm.xml (I especially relied on a doctrine example from these docs to generate the file):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<doctrine-mapping xmlns="http://doctrine-project.org/schemas/orm/doctrine-mapping"

    <entity name="RequestMetadata" table="request_metadata">
        <id name="id" type="bigint">
            <generator strategy="AUTO" />

        <field name="snapshot" column="snapshot" type="smallint" nullable="true" />
        <field name="custID" column="cust_id" type="string" length="8" />
        <field name="ipAddress" column="ip_addr" type="string" length="15" />
        <field name="query" column="query" type="string" length="500" />
        <field name="createdOn" column="created_on" type="datetime" />

        <one-to-many field="httpRequestResponses" target-entity="HttpRequestResponse" mapped-by="queryRequest">
                <cascade-persist />
                <order-by-field name="createdOn" direction="DESC" />
        <one-to-many field="queryResults" target-entity="QueryResults" mapped-by="queryRequest">
                <cascade-persist />

Here's QueryRequest.php:

class QueryRequest {
    protected $id;
    protected $snapshot;
    protected $custID;
    protected $ipAddress;
    protected $query;
    protected $createdOn;

    protected $httpRequestResponses = null;
    protected $queryResults = null;

    public function __construct() {
        $this->setCreatedOn(new DateTime("now"));
        $this->httpRequestResponses = new ArrayCollection();
        $this->queryResults = new ArrayCollection();
    public function getID() {
        return $this->id;
    public function getSnapshot() {
        return $this->snapshot;
    public function setSnapshot($snapshot) {
        $this->snapshot = $snapshot;
    public function getCustID() {
        return $this->custID;
    public function setCustID($id) {
        $this->custID = $id;
    public function getIpAddress() {
        return $this->ipAddress;
    public function setIpAddress($ip) {
        $this->ipAddress = $ip;
    public function getQuery() {
        return $this->query;
    public function setQuery($query) {
        $this->query = $query;
    public function getCreatedOn() {
        return $this->createdOn;
    public function setCreatedOn($createdOn) {
        $this->createdOn = $createdOn;

Since I'm new I'm having trouble spotting the problem - in fact I don't even know for sure if the problem is with the xml file. Can anyone help me spot the problem?

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I figured it out: entity name was incorrect. It should have matched the class name like so:

<entity name="QueryRequest" table="request_metadata">

I'd made a change to the class name and missed the update to the xml mapping file

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