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I have many pictureboxes in my project and would like to know if there is code that makes it easy to switch between them in C#, for example:

// I dont' want to have to do this all the time
pictureBox38.Image = slagalica.Properties.Resources.grn_tick;
pictureBox39.Image = slagalica.Properties.Resources.grn_tick;

// I want something like this
int n = 38
pictureBox(n).Image = slagalica.Properties.Resources.grn_tick;
pictureBox(n+1).Image = slagalica.Properties.Resources.grn_tick;

Is it possible? Any code is welcome.

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What exactly do you want to do? Assign the same image to all pictureboxes? Or just 38 and 39? – svick Jul 18 '12 at 22:26

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You can loop through all controls and apply settings to those, which are pictureboxes:

foreach(Control control in Controls)
   if (control is PictureBox)       
      ((PictureBox)control).Image = slagalica.Properties.Resources.grn_tick;

Or you can create your custom picturebox and use it instead of default pictureboxes:

public class SlagalicaPictureBox : PictureBox
    public SlagalicaPictureBox()
        Image = slagalica.Properties.Resources.grn_tick;
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You might want to create list of Picture boxes. Then you will be able to write something like pictureBoxes[0].Image=img;

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Definitely consider what Lazyberezovsky posts. However, if you want to iterate through controls rapidly, you can also construct a control array.

You can easily do this:

List<PictureBox> list = new List<PictureBox>();

Then you can iterate through them as follows:

foreach (PictureBox pb in list) {
    pictureBox.Image = slagalica.Properties.Resources.grn_tick;

If you want to be more clever, you can even create an array with a specified size and do the same.

PictureBox[] pb_array = new PictureBox[50];
pb_array[38] = pictureBox38;
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Add them to a list and use the indexer, for example a List<PictureBox> or PictureBox[]:

var dir = new System.IO.DirectoryInfo(imagePath);
List<FileInfo> images = dir.GetFiles("*.jpg", System.IO.SearchOption.AllDirectories).ToList();
List<PictureBox> pictures = new List<PictureBox>();
foreach (FileInfo img in images) {
    PictureBox picture = new PictureBox();
    picture.Image = Image.FromFile(img.FullName);

Now you ca access the pictures by index, for example:

var rnd = new Random();
int imgIndex = rnd.Next(0, 38);
PictureBox img = pictures[imgIndex];

Or in a loop

for(int i=0; i<38; i++)
    PictureBox img = pictures[i];

Edit: If you just want to find all PictureBoxes on your form, you can use Enumerable.OfType which filters and casts the controls accordingly:

IEnumerable<PictureBox> allPictures = this.Controls.OfType<PictureBox>();
foreach(var pic in allPictures)
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while(n <= (number of pics)){
pictureBox(n).Image = slagalica.Properties.Resources.grn_tick;

Yes i know this is Objective-C, but you get the main idea

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