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I'm curious what is the thread-safety and reusability is for the primary DynamoDB entry point AmazonDynamoDBClient in the Java SDK? I noticed this statement in the JavaDocs for DynamoDBMapper:

"This class is thread-safe and can be shared between threads. It's also very lightweight, so it doesn't need to be."

Since DynamoDBMapper takes a reference to AmazonDynamoDBClient, does that mean that AmazonDynamoDBClient is similar?

I also thought I saw somewhere that it was encouraged to keep and share the AWSCredentials because it allowed better management of throttling and session? Since the credentials are the primary dependency of AmazonDynamoDBClient, this might also support it having a longer life span?

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It's completely thread-safe. I haven't actually looked through the AWS code but we instantiate a single client for our heavily used web-app and have never had any issues.

If the mapper is threadsafe the client must be threadsafe

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Hopefully they were consistent across the Java SDK. But it should be easy to check by looking at the source code.

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Except you'd have to check everywhere its used which would be quite a chore. –  mckamey Jul 28 '12 at 18:34

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