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In my program, a Die (dice for embroidery) is a class with different fields. One of them is of the type String and it is called haveIt. So, if the user of the program enters the word "Yes" on the haveIt field, he should be able to track a list of all the Dies he has, on the myInventory list.

How do I do this? Should I create the myInventory ArrayList<Die> on the fields and constructor of my Contoller class or should I built it inside a special method in that class?

I have tryed everything and nothing works. But I am really new on this.

Here is my last attempt, creating a loop to create the new ArrayList<Die> (that has "Yes" on the haveIt field) from a special getMyInventory method in my Controller class:

public ArrayList<Die> getMyInventory(Die anyDie) {
    for (int counting = 0; counting <  
diesBigList.Count ; counting++); 


            return myInventory; 

It does not compile. It tells me that the result should be an Array type but it is resolved as ArrayList... (and I do not comprendo that).

Thanks in advance.

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Your missing a return statement. What if this is never true?

if (((Die)diesBigList[counting]).doIHaveIt.contains("Yes")) 

you never reach your return statement

Here is the answer

public ArrayList<Die> getMyInventory(Die anyDie) {
 ArrayList<Die> myInventory = new ArrayList<Die>();
    for (int counting = 0; counting <  diesBigList.Count; counting++) {
        if (((Die)diesBigList[counting]).doIHaveIt.contains("Yes")) {
            return myInventory; 

Also there could be a problem with this: diesBigList.Count I have no idea where you got that object or what it's methods looks like but I presume in my code your making that call correctly.

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Hi, Bnjmn. I thought myInventory.add(diesBigList[counting]) was doing that function. Do you mean that I should write this instead: –  Dieglock Jul 18 '12 at 23:30
if(((Die)dieBigList[counting].doIHaveIt : null)... and then keep the rest of it? –  Dieglock Jul 18 '12 at 23:38
I got the .Count from an example on StackOverflow. I was trying to adapt it to my code, but I do not have that method created... I think my example does not help... If you where trying to do the new ArrayList filtering with a String, how would you do it? –  Dieglock Jul 18 '12 at 23:41
Thanks, Bnjmn. I think I learned how to properly make a question on StackOverflow. I am going to create a new one. –  Dieglock Jul 19 '12 at 0:44

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