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I have a background thread that sleeps for 1/10 of a second, then re loops. I would like it to invalidate the screen, so it will redraw and do a simple animation. It seems like the only way I can invalidate the screen is if I do it in a Runnable, which assume has a lot of overhead.

Is there a way to invalidate the screen inside a thread without using a runnable??

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Android SDK has a built-in API for this purpose - View.postInvalidate():

public void postInvalidate ()

Cause an invalidate to happen on a subsequent cycle through the event loop. Use this to invalidate the View from a non-UI thread.

This method can be invoked from outside of the UI thread only when this View is attached to a window.

See Also

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It's not legal to invoke any of the UI-related APIs from a background thread. So you will need to use a Runnable.

If the only thing the background thread does is sleep, you can probably achieve the same effect without using a thread, by using the CountDownTimer class instead. Or you can use the Handler.postAtTime() API to schedule a Runnable to run on your UI thread at a certain number of milliseconds in the future (again, without using a separate thread).

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I actually think the overhead is neglibable. But you could use an AsyncTask as follows:

new AsyncTask<Void, Void, Void>() {
  /* (non-Javadoc)
   * @see android.os.AsyncTask#doInBackground(Params[])
  protected Void doInBackground(Void... params) {
    while(true) { //probably want some other challenge here
      Thread.sleep(1000 / 10);
    return null;

  /* (non-Javadoc)
   * @see android.os.AsyncTask#onProgressUpdate(Progress[])
  protected void onProgressUpdate(Void... values) {

This is good as onProgressUpdate automatically runs on the UIThread so you dont have to create a new runnable everytime...

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Try to send a message to handler in your thread and invalidate in handleMessage.It might work. Or use AsyncTask like Salil Pandit said.I think Async is better.

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