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how to set the --xunit-file so that the result file is named after the test script's name and current dir name?

I'm running my test like this:

[dir_name]$ nosetests --with-xunit --xunit-file=???? test/test_file_name.py

Idealy, the xml can be named after dir_name and test_file_name.


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Here's what I put together:

1) since I'm doing this in shell script, so I have access to the string test/test_file_name.py. I set --xunit-file= according to my test script's name

2) post-processing I: prefix the dir_name to the xml file

3) post-processing II: in each xml file, modify all the classname="class_name" to include the dir_name, like this, classname="dir_name_class_name

The last step is necessary since I found out only modifying the xml file names doesn't work. To display the results correctly (in Jenkins), all the class names need to be modified as well.

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