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on $(document).ready(function() I have the following code:

$(".resizable" ).resizable({
    handles: 'n',
    minHeight: 1,
    minWidth: maxBarWidth,
    maxHeight: maxBarHeight,
    maxWidth: maxBarWidth

This allows me to resize bars (DIVs) on a bar chart I have created. It works after the page has been loaded. When I resize a bar I run some code to animate the bar and update a label that it is sitting on the bar. The problem is that the top handle disappear and I cannot resize any bar anymore. Any idea?

Here more code:

//position and draw bars

//make bars resizable with mouse and set their max and min dimentions
var maxBarWidth = $('.graphBar').width();
var maxBarHeight = $('.graphArea').height();

//activate resize on bars
$(".resizable" ).resizable(
    {handles: 'n', minHeight: 1, minWidth: maxBarWidth, maxHeight: maxBarHeight,     maxWidth: maxBarWidth}

//update input fields and graph labels after bars resizing
$(".resizable" ).bind( "resizestop", function(event, ui) {
    targetInput = $(this).attr("label");
    $('input[name=' + targetInput +   ']').val(Math.round($(this).height()/window.chartScale));


function setBarPosition(){
window.chartHeight = Number($('.graphArea').height());
window.barWidth = $('.graphArea .graphBar').width();
window.highestYlabel = Number($('.graphYAxis p').first().html());
window.chartHeightArea = window.chartHeight - Number($('p.axis-  value').first().height());
window.chartScale = chartHeightArea / window.highestYlabel;
window.barSpacing = Number($('.graphArea').attr('barSpacing'));

$orderNo = 1;
$itemNo = 1;

//count how many bars are present and calculate incremental position
$('.graphArea .graphBar').each(function(index){

//if bar is from second series then attach to the side of the previous one
if (index%2 == 0)
        var barPosition = (index * barWidth) + (index * window.barSpacing) +   window.barSpacing;       
        var barPosition = (index * barWidth) + (index * window.barSpacing); 

//assign left position to each bar
$(this).css('left', barPosition + 'px');

//add numeric values on bars. Values are read from input form
if (index%2 == 0)
        elementName = 'orders' + $orderNo; 
        $orderNo = $orderNo + 1;        
        elementName = 'items' + $itemNo;
        $itemNo = $itemNo + 1;      

//attach paragraphs holding the bar heights to the divs generating the bars 
currentBarValue = $('input[name="'+ elementName +'"]').val();
$(this).attr('barValue', currentBarValue);
$(this).html('<p class="resizable" title="' + elementName + '">' + $(this).attr('barValue') + '</p>');

//add X axis labels
$('.graphXAxis').append('<p style="left:' + (barPosition - (window.barWidth/2)) + 'px">' + $(this).attr('label') + '<p>');

//find out the bar with the maximum value assigned
var barValue = Number($(this).attr('barValue'));

if (barValue > window.maxValue) 
        window.maxValue = barValue;

//calculate value to display
window.valueMultiplier = window.maxValue / window.highestYlabel;


//animate bars and labels

function runAnimation(){
$('.graphArea .graphBar').each(function(index){
    //calculate relative bar heights
    var scaledValue = Number($(this).attr('barValue')) * window.chartScale; 
    var delayTime = 125 * index;

    //animate bars
        //for each children element apply delay (in built JQUERY function)

Thank you very much for your help,


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Can you show us where this occurs? Preferably on – Undefined Jul 19 '12 at 0:06
without code its hard to tell, try putting the resizable code shown after the event that disables it. – Scott Selby Jul 19 '12 at 0:22
Hi Sam, thank you for the interest. Before I post code I want to make sure I am not doing something stupid. My $(document).ready(function() calls two functions setBarPosition() and runAnimation(), after that calls $(".resizable" ).resizable. Then I have got a button to refresh the graph that just calls setBarPosition() and runAnimation(). Do i need to call again the .resizable function? And if yes how? – user1536396 Jul 19 '12 at 0:22

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