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I am getting the user's facebook image with:{omniauth.uid}/picture?type=large

But how can I check if that is the Facebook Default image? If it is, I have my own image I would like to use.

I am using Ruby on Rails and Omniauth. So if Omniauth provides anything that would help this situation, let me know.


When I go to my own page using the link above, but my User ID, if I have no profile image set, I get redirected to this file.

I had a friend also check, and he got the same page.

So I could "temporarily" check against that filename, but clearly that would be a horrible practice. If Facebook changes their default image, everything fails. Any flag to tell me if the user has an image set or not?

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Use the is_silhouette boolean. From the documentation:

You can add a redirect=false to the HTTP request to get the location instead of the actual data. This call:

<img src=""/>

will return JSON-encoded data describing the location of the picture. url is the location of the image and the is_silhouette boolean indicates whether or not the object has set a picture.

    "data": {
        "url": "",
        "is_silhouette": false
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