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I have a report that has about 5 fields to enter data or select items from a drop down box. I normally have a controller class that validates the input and determines which DAO method to use. However with more input or selection fields it means it will result in a bloated controller method. Another option is to build the query from the input, but I think it makes the queries hard to read / debug. Are there any alternatives or Which one is best? I no how to implement both, I am focusing on the design.


Example in c# using the entities framework and LinQ:

Should there be the && ((startDate != DateTime.MinValue) ? d.MinDay>=startDate : true) or is that bad practice?

List<Order> orderList = (from o in dbContext.Order
                                            join d in dbContext.DeliveryDetails on o.DeliveryID equals d.DeliveryID
                                            join od in dbContext.OrderDeals on o.OrderID equals od.OrderID                                          
                                            where o.UserID == user.UserID 
                                            && ((startDate != DateTime.MinValue) ? d.MinDay>=startDate : true)
                                            && ((endDate != DateTime.MinValue) ? d.MaxDay<=endDate : true)
                                            select o).Distinct().ToList();
                    return orderList;
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You should try defining smaller views and smaller controllers that solve the smaller problems you have to solve... And then you combine all the small views to create the great view, and the small controllers to create the great controller... Instead of having a bloated controller, you'll have a simple controller which delegates all the work to the proper sub controller... You can repeat that mechanism as many times as you need...

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