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I have one installation of wordpress at

I have another domain ( and I have changed the A record so that it now points to the installation at whist keeping the URL.

My issue is when I click any links within the wordpress site the URL changes to and does not retain the .com. I know the wordpress site address is setup to at the moment but I would like to be able to retain the when visited from throughout the site.

Is that possible?

Any help will be gratefully received!

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You will either have to use wpmu somehow (wordpress multisite has been integrated into wordpress) or you can enable the wordpress (multisite feature)[].

It is as easy as:

// wp-config.php
define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

Then going to the network setup tool, adding some more lines to the config, adding some lines to the htaccess, and creating an upload directory.

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