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How to change a image of the button in oracle apex conditionally ?

Imagine there are two images as A.png and B.png. I have a sql query and if that query returns at least one row, image of the button should be A.png. else image of the button should be B.png.

How could i do this ?

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You can have a hidden field in the HTML and have it populated with the number of rows the SQL query returned like SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE;

Use APEX_ITEM.HIDDEN() to create hidden field, the hidden item name (id for HTML) could be "abcID". Hidden field HTML (somewhere in the <body> of the HTML) will be like-

<input type=hidden id="abcId" name="abcName"/>

Then, you can add this javascript to change the button image. You will have to include a onload event in the HTML <body> to call a function.

<body onload=changeImage()>
<script language="javascript">
    function changeImage()
      if (document.getElementById("abcId").value) > 0){
          document.getElementById("ButtonID").src ="/path/to/A.png";
          document.getElementById("ButtonID").src ="/path/to/B.png";
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