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I have a "Payee" BsonDocument like this:

  "Token" : "0b21ae960f25c6357286ce6c206bdef2",
  "LastAccessed" : ISODate("2012-07-11T02:14:59.94Z"),
  "Firstname" : "John",
  "Lastname" : "Smith",
  "PayrollInfo" : [{
      "Tag" : "EARNINGS",
      "Value" : "744.11",
    }, {
      "Tag" : "DEDUCTIONS",
      "Value" : "70.01",
  "Status" : "1",
  "_id" : ObjectId("4fc263158db2b88f762f1aa5")

I retrieve this document based on the Payee _id.

var collection = database.GetCollection("Payee");
var query = Query.EQ("_id", _id);
var bDoc = collection.FindOne(query);

Then, at various times I need to update a specific object inside the PayrollInfo array. So I search for the object with appropriate "Tag" inside the array and update the "Value" into the database. I use the following logic to do this:

var bsonPayrollInfo = bDoc["PayrollInfo", null];
if (bsonPayrollInfo != null)
    var ArrayOfPayrollInfoObjects = bsonPayrollInfo.AsBsonArray;
    for (int i = 0; i < ArrayOfPayrollInfoObjects.Count; i++)
        var bInnerDoc = ArrayOfPayrollInfoObjects[i].AsBsonDocument;
        if (bInnerDoc != null)
            if (bInnerDoc["Tag"] == "EARNINGS")
                //update here
                var update = Update
                    .Set("PayrollInfo."+ i.ToString() + ".Value", 744.11)
                collection.FindAndModify(query, null, update);
                bUpdateData = true;

if (!bUpdateData)
    //Use Update.Push.  This works fine and is not relevant to the question.

All this code works fine, but I think I am being cumbersome in achieving the result. Is there a more concise way of doing this? Essentially, I am trying to find a better way of updating an object inside of an array in a BsonDocument.

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Mongo has a positional operator that will let you operate on the matched value in an array. The syntax is: field1.$.field2

Here's an example of how you'd use it from the Mongo shell:

db.dots.insert({tags: [{name: "beer", count: 2}, {name: "nuts", count: 3}]})
db.dots.update({"tags.name": "beer"}, {$inc: {"tags.$.count" : 1}})
result = db.dots.findOne()
{ "_id" : ObjectId("50078284ea80325278ff0c63"), "tags" : [ { "name" : "beer", "count" : 3 }, { "name" : "nuts", "count" : 3 } ] }
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I see the use of positional operator when I am directly querying on the array element, but in my case I have a Bsondocument through the _id query. I need to find the array element in this document that I already have in hand. My original code shown above works fine. But I think I may be missing a better approach to the problem. –  Kishore Masand Jul 20 '12 at 2:48
You can skip all the C# and just issue an update, though, even if you already have the doc. Just make the query something like: {_id: [ID], "PayrollInfo.Tag": "EARNINGS"} and send that positional operator through as the update doc. –  MrKurt Jul 20 '12 at 14:45
Thanks for the pointers. You helped me look in the right places for implementing via positional operator. –  Kishore Masand Jul 20 '12 at 21:39

Putting my answer here in case it helps you. Based on @MrKurt's answer (thank you!), here is what I did to rework the code.

var collection = database.GetCollection("Payee");
var query = Query.EQ("_id", _id);

if (collection.Count(query) > 0)
    //Found the Payee.  Let's save his/her Tag for EARNINGS
    UpdateBuilder update = null;

    //Check if this Payee already has any EARNINGS Info saved.
    //If so, we need to update that.
    query = Query.And(query,
        Query.EQ("PayrollInfo.Tag", "EARNINGS"));

    //Update will be written based on whether we find the Tag:EARNINGS element in the PayrollInfo array
    if (collection.Count(query) > 0)
        //There is already an element in the PayrollInfo for EARNINGS
        //Just update that element
        update = Update
            .Set("PayrollInfo.$.Value", "744.11");
        //This user does not have any prior EARNINGS data.  Add it to the user record
        query = Query.EQ("_id", _id);
        //Add a new element in the Array for PayrollInfo to store the EARNINGS data
        update = Update.Push("PayrollInfo",
                    new BsonDocument {{"Tag", "EARNINGS"}, {"Value", "744.11"}}

    //Run the update
    collection.FindAndModify(query, null, update);

It doesn't look any lesser than my original code, but it is much more intuitive, and I got to learn a lot about positional operators!

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