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I need to remove the value associated with a property in a Flex 3 associative array; is this possible?

For example, suppose I created this array like so:

var myArray:Object = new Object();
myArray[someXML.@attribute] = "foo";

Later, I need to do something like this:

delete myArray[someXML.@attribute];

However, I get this error message at runtime:

Error #1119: Delete operator is not supported with operand of type XMLList.

How do I perform this operation?

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delete doesn't do as much in AS3 as it did in AS2:


However, I think your problem might be solved by simply using toString(), i.e.

var myArray:Object = new Object();
myArray[someXML.@attribute.toString()] = "foo";

delete myArray[someXML.@attribute.toString()];
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Rather than delete it, try setting the value to null.

myArray[someXML.@attribute] = null;

That way it'll end up the same as any other value in the array that isn't defined.

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It's not quite "the same" - that'll leave a value on the object which is set to null. Delete is better if you want to remove it entirely; that way if you're doing something like a for each on the object you don't encounter that null "deleted" value. –  Crusader Nov 13 '11 at 18:28

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