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Is it possible to modify a string of char in C?

I have a function to convert a char* to lower case. This is the function:

void toLower(char* word, int length)
    int i;

    for(i = 0; i < length; i++) {
        // this I can do
        // printf("%c", tolower(word[i]));

        // this throws segfault
        word[i] = tolower(word[i]);

When I call it like this from main, it throws a segfault error:

char* needle = "foobar";
toLower(needle, strlen(needle));

I'm certain the issue is in the assignment here:

word[i] = tolower(word[i]);

But I can't seem to figure out the corect way to do it. I tried passing it as char**, or doing *(word+i), but all cause the same issue.

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You are attempting to change the constant string "foobar". Try:

char needle[] = "foobar";

This will create an array containing the string "foobar" (the compiler arranges to copy the data from the constant string "foobar" to your array needle where you can modify it).

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You cannot modify a string literal. You can create a dynamic string:

char *str = strdup(needle);
toLower(str, strlen(str));
/* ... */
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The problem is that char *needle = "foobar" is a string literal -- it's a const char. In order the compiler to generate a writable string, use

char needle[] = "foobar";


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Changing a string literal is not possible.
You can do this

 word[i] = tolower(word[i]);

only in two cases, either

char needle[] = "foobar";

first create memory for char * using malloc and then assign a string to it, like this

char * str = (char *) malloc(size0f(char)*10);

Now you can use this

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