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string split in c#

How to split Name string into First Name and Last Name based on Space between First Name and Last Name in string. For examle: Input string: "Visual Studio" Required Output First Name: "Visual" Last Name: "Studio"

How it can be done in C# ? Any help ?

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Try this:

string fullName = "Visual Studio";
var names = fullName.Split(' ');
string firstName = names[0];
string lastName = names[1];

Best Regards

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If all you have to do is split by space, then how about using String.Split:

var names = Name.Split(new char[]{' '});
var firstName = names[0];
var lastName = names[1];
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When looking at your functional requirement, you cannot be sure with just a string split.

Can you be sure that only Firstnames and Lastnames exist in your datasource? For example, in Dutch we have names like:

"Maurice Peterse"  // OK
"Daniel Van Puffelen" // FAILS (Prefix in LastName)
"Marieke Peterse Deijn" // FAILS (Maiden Name)
"Jan Pieter Balkenende" // FAILS (Double first name)
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For your case, you do not even have to give a separator:

var name = "Visual Studio";
var split = name.Split();

This gives you split, which contains two strings, "Visual" and "Studio".

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+1 for remembering that the separator char array is allowed to be empty (in which case white space characters are used as separators). –  Jeppe Stig Nielsen Jul 19 '12 at 5:55

use String.split

var names = Name.Split(new char[]{' '});
var firstName = names[0];
var lastName = names[1];

But make sure with your requirement in validation. Some times the names may involve 2 spaces as well.

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