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I've been having trouble setting up the IPN Notification on my app to get all the information send back to my application. My payment is working properly and is functional. I am having trouble with the notify_action. I would like to retrieve the information of the payment and send it back to my app to get all the informations from the payment.

 def checkout
  response = @gateway.setup_purchase(
     :return_url => "http://localhost:3000",
     :cancel_url => "http://localhost:3000",
     :ipn_notification_url => orders_notify_action_url,
     :receiver_list => recipients
  redirect_to (@gateway.redirect_url_for(response["payKey"]))

 def notify_action
     notify =  ActiveMerchant::Billing::Integrations::PaypalAdaptivePayment::Notification.new(request.raw_post)
    p "Notification object is #{notify}"
    if notify.acknowledge
      p "Transaction ID is #{notify.transaction_id}"
      p "Notification object is #{notify}"
      p "Notification status is #{notify.status}"
    render :nothing => true


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It would help a lot if you specified what problem you're having. For example, is the problem that notify_action is not being hit by Paypal's IPN? Or is notify.acknowledge returning false?

For strictly IPN this is what my working controller looks like:

class PayController < ApplicationController
    include ActiveMerchant::Billing::Integrations   

    def paypal
        notify = Paypal::Notification.new(request.raw_post)
        logger.debug "Notification object is #{notify}"
        if notify.acknowledge
            logger.debug "Transaction ID is #{notify.transaction_id}"
            logger.debug "Notification object is #{notify}"
            logger.debug "Notification status is #{notify.status}"
        render :nothing => true

Then the URL I gave to Paypal is www.yourwebsite.com/pay/paypal

Then simply match the route in route.rb

match 'pay/paypal' => 'pay#paypal'

The notify object should contain all the data for the given purchase.

Important: Watch the log file to see if the function is ever getting called, and if so, what is being printed?

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