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I am using Jqgrid in my project. For validation purpose I have defined custom function on each column. Like,

         { label: 'Name', name: 'Name', width: 300,
            editable:true, edittype:"custom", sortable:false,
            editoptions:{custom_element: getDatabaseColumnSelector,
            editrules:{required:true, custom:true, custom_func:somefunction}

Here I use somefunction() for validation purpose, in this function I use other column values also for validation. Some thing like

          if employeecountry = "US" then name.length < 10

But in this function how can I get the employeecountry's value in Name column's custom function. I tried with

           "# + rowId + _columnname"

but this is not working in case with add form, since the rowId is not set at that time. How can I get other column values inside custom function defined in another column, which will work in edit form, inline edit and add form. Any help will be really appreciable.

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2 Answers

Unfortunately custom_func is very restrictive, only providing value and colname parameter values. But you might be able to write some code to work around that.

You should be able to detect a form using code similar to:

jQuery('#FrmGrid_mygrid').length > 0

And then you should be able to use code like this access input elements on the form, although it will vary depending upon what type of input control is available:

jQuery('#mycolname', '#FrmGrid_mygrid').val()

Does that help?

It sounds like you already have code to get validation working in other scenarios such as inline edit.

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You can use something like this:

    function my_custom_funct(v){ 
        var myval = $("#mycolname","#FrmGrid_"+thisId).val();
        alert (myval);

$.jgrid.jqID(this.id); get current Grid id.

$("#FrmGrid_"+thisId).val(); get current Fomr id

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