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How do i add style to a widgets child sibling in GWT

if suppose if the html of an object ObjParent be like this

<a class="" href="javascript:;">
<span class=""> Some Text </span>

Consider the above code is constructed by a widget ObjParent

with only ObjParent, how do i set the style for the span some text

i tried ObjParent.getWidget(0).getElement().getChild(0).addStyleName("style1");

but it showed error as addStyleName cant be added to node

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The Method #addStyleName(String) is only available for Widgets. To set a class on an Element use #addClassName(String). You can directly cast a Node to an Element:

Node node = objParent.getWidget(0).getElement().getChild(0);
Element element = (Element) node;
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Thanks for your awesome suggestion. It saved my 2 cents! – Deepak Jul 19 '12 at 9:24

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