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I am using a custom modalbox and the code for generating it is as follows :

  function openConfig1(html,hidden,type)
        html = html.substring(0, html.length-7)+hidden+'</form>';
        if(type=='prod' && document.getElementById('popup-title'))
            document.getElementById('popup-title').textContent = 'Upgrade / Downgrade Product ';
        else if(type=='conf' && document.getElementById('popup-title'))
            document.getElementById('popup-title').textContent = 'Upgrade / Downgrade Configurable Option';

        document.getElementById('popup-content').innerHTML =html;
        document.getElementById('popup_submit_btn').setAttribute('class','btn10 pop_submit');
        $.abc = $('#lightbox').simplebox();

My issue is theat when the 'html' contains large contents, and if I do middle click on mouse, it is showing a 403 with all the html in it. I am attahing a screenshot for verifications. This issue is only in Firefox in Linux . It is working perfectly and opening the modalbox in all other browsers and platforms.

enter image description here

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Does your console give you any other errors? –  Tyrsius Jul 19 '12 at 6:31
Nothing other than NetworkError: 403 Forbidden. –  Happy Coder Jul 19 '12 at 6:40

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