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I am currently trying to find out which data protection class is used by a particular app.

My first approach was to use an unencrypted iTunes backup to determine the used protection class. I have used this to extract the backup. But now I am gonna stuck.

Furthermore, I am not quite sure if the protection class information is available in the iTunes backup file. Considering that Apple can restore an iPhone/iPad from this backup I think these information must be available. Otherwise the OS would not know after a restore how to protect particular files.

So does anyone have an idea or hint on this? Any experiences? I would prefer a solution that uses the backup file instead of parsing the device's filesystem. Additionally, it would be great to achieve this without jail-breaking the device.

Thanks in advance!

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https://github.com/ciso/ios-dataprotection was mentioned in this question. Seems that it'll suit.

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Great tool! ;-) (I developed this a year ago after I haven't got an answer here... ;-) –  Chris Mar 22 '13 at 9:46
Yep. So, thanks for great tool(and relevant references too). :) –  Timur Kuchkarov Mar 22 '13 at 10:24

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