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I have 2 models:

Invoice has_many :lines

Line belongs_to :invoice

I want to ensure that the sum of the Line for a given Invoice match the total of the related Invoice.

I've tried this:

validate :total_amount
def total_amount
    inv_id = self.invoice_id
    target_amount = Invoice.find(inv_id).total
    total_lines = Line.where(invoice_id: inv_id).sum(:line_value)

    errors.add(:total, " should be lower or equal to the total amount of the invoice") if total_lines > target_amount


  1. it doesn't work for new objects (just updates)
  2. even for updates it systematically throws an error

I've also seen a question talking about AssociatedValidator, but I haven't been able to grasp how to use that :(

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I might be interpreting it wrong, but if total is a column in the invoices table, I suggest removing it. Instead, have it as a method and have the method add up the Line prices plus any adjustments. Otherwise, you have duplication in the database. And that way you won't need to validate anything anyway :)

On a more general note, adding validations on associated models in ActiveRecord is not working very well. In some cases it's almost impossible, in other - pretty hard to get right. I think you've seen that it goes wrong easily. I suggest avoiding it and trying to design your database so that you won't need to (having Invoice#total as a method in this case).

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It's not clear what exactly you want to validate, since your example is different from what you were describing prior to that.

I think something like this should work, using a before_add callback:

class Invoice < AR::Base
  has_many :lines, :before_add => :validate_total

  def validate_total(invoice, line)
    totals = invoice.lines.sum(:line_value)

    if totals + line.line_value > invoice.total
      invoice.errors.add(:total, " should be lower or equal to the total amount of the invoice")
      return false # I think you can alternatively raise an exception here
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