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I have created a simple RBF network with a gaussian function by using,

RBFNetwork newNetwork = new RBFNetwork(28,14,1,RBFEnum.Gaussian);

I need to create a RBF Network with back propagation having 28 inputs and only one output giving 0 or 1 as a result. I could not proceed further in training it with data sets. Help needed.

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I think your answer lies here.. http://massapi.com/class/org/encog/neural/rbf/RBFNetwork.java.html Hope this helps You..Though it is in java u can understand the logic behind it

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Thanks for your help but I needed it in c#. I will try to understand it. –  najus Jul 20 '12 at 6:18

I think you should use EncogUtility.TrainConsole(), EncogUtility.TrainToError() or EncogUtility.TrainDialog() methods, if you don't want to make your own stopping strategy.

See EncogUtility for Javadocs, C# ones are close to. The only thing is that it uses not SCG internally but ResilientPropagation.

To construct a dataset you must have double[][] inputs and double[][] desired outputs of the same size and in the same order. Then the code looks so:

var trainingSet = new BasicMLDataSet(inputs, outputs);
EncogUtility.TrainConsole(network, trainingSet, 10 /*minutes training*/);
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