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If i call

mvn clean install

maven knows that clean is a lifecycle and install is a phase of the default lifecycle

if i call

mvn deploy

maven will execute all phases of the default lifecycle sequentially.

Is there a way to call the default lifecycle by giving a lifecyle name (instead of executing the last phsae of the lifecycle)?

EDIT: So the question is: is there a command

mvn lifecyclename

that start execution of the default lifecycle?

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There is no command to run a lifecycle based on lifecycle name. So you can't do a mvn Default and expect it to run upto Default:deploy. You will have to mention a task of a cycle like test, package, clean and the life-cycle that owns this task will get active.

It does not make sense to have life-cycle as an argument. It will be confusing. For example running mvn clean is the Clean life-cycle or clean task?

Or, it will be more verbose to type mvn clean will run Clean life cycle; and mvn clean:clean will run Clean life cycle until clean task.

Maven has three life cycle. Executing a task (say task_N) of any of the life cycle will result in executing the whole life-cycle until that task (task_N). The three life cycles are Clean, Default, and Site.

For more details see here Introduction to Maven Life-cycles and task order

You see when you execute say, mvn test these are the things gets executed in that order

validate > initialize > generate-sources > process-sources > generate-resources > process-resources > compile > process-classes > post-process > generate-test-sources > process-test-sources > generate-test-resources > process-test-resources > test-compile > process-test-classes > test

You can't skip any of the default tasks. You may hook plugins that gets gets executed during a task.

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What will happen if several phases have equally named phases? –  Abdull Aug 20 '13 at 13:33
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There seems to be a misunderstanding. Further reading could clarify that

mvn clean

does not invoke the whole clean lifecycle. In fact there is a clean phase in the clean lifecycle. And the command executes this phase and not the lifecycle.

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As far as I know you cannot execute an isolated lifecycle phase.

But you can execute an isolated plugin goal .

mvn deploy:deploy

That won't trigger any plugin execution tied to deploy phase. But you can always add more plugin execution to the command line. So I better go with a profile skipping all plugins executions.

If you want to execute a myplugin:mygoal that was tied to deploy phase then

mvn myplugin:mygoal deploy:deploy

But the configuration of the execution must be in the cli.

But you better skip plugin executions that you do not want. only skip test and integration-test in command line. But you can achieve that with a profile that sets the configuration for the default cycle to skip.


And then summon with

mvn deploy -Pskip
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dunno how you refer to my question :-) i am looking for a command like "mvn lifecyclename" that starts the default lifecycle... –  Matthias Jul 19 '12 at 8:06
well, I though that you wanted to skip some phases –  ssedano Jul 19 '12 at 8:26
ya... i am not a native english speaker :-( –  Matthias Jul 19 '12 at 8:31

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