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This is my current hurdle: I have 3 related models: Student, Course and Payment. They are related as follows:

  • Student & Course (student belongs_to course)
  • Payments & Student (payments belong_to student)

The models have the following attributes:

  • Student(:name, :course_id)
  • Course(:name, :course_cost)
  • Payment(:payment_date, :student_id, :payment_amount)

I'm using ActiveAdmin and trying to show the balance a student has (i.e. course_cost - payment_amount) as a column "Balance" on the index of Student. Thanks.

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I think it isn't directly related to ActiveAdmin. You can define method in Student class, which returns balance for current student:

def balance
  self.course.course_cost - self.payments.collect(&:payment_amount).sum

And display balance in index:

index do
  column :balance
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