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I have a query that returns integer in a column such as:


In Coldfusion8 I'm outputting this into a table and am adding another column with the currency like so:

   <td>#query.total# #query.currency#</td>

However, I now want to output the query into a datatables structure for which I have to combine both fields using

  variables.orderTotal = query.sum & "" & query.currency;
  QuerySetCell(rResult, "orderTotal", variables.orderTotal, variables.counter );

This doesn't work and breaks the whole script. I guess I can't "concat" an integer and a varchar like this.

If I want to output both fields into the same column, how can I do this then? I will loop over the query in the next step to create the AJAX response struct, like so:

<cfloop query="query">
    <cfset variables.count = variables.count + 1>[
      <cfloop list="#variables.fieldlist#" index="variables.i">
           <cfif variables.i is not listLast(variables.fieldlist)>, </cfif>

Do I have to do it there then?

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Why not you return another column in your query like:

SELECT  sum || "" || currency AS "total" 
FROM    xxx

Then you can use this new column total in your cfm code like this:

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how would I do that? SELECT...., concat( sum, currency) AS total –  frequent Jul 19 '12 at 8:19
Always include your db type in the question tags, since SQL syntax is often db specific :) –  Leigh Jul 19 '12 at 13:31
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Ok. Did it in the loop construction the AJAX response like so:

 <cfif #variables.i# EQ "sum">
     "#query[variables.i][query.currentRow]# #rResult.currency#"
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