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Morning folks. Have an issue with a simple jQuery gallery i'm making. It lets the user cycle through a collection of images via some buttons and at the same time, rotates through these images on a timer. My problem is that the user is able to click the button multiple times which queues up the fade in animation and repeats it over and over, e.g. user clicks button 5 times > same image fades in/out 5 times > gallery moves to next image.

I've tried using:

$('#homeGalleryImage li a').unbind('click');

After the click event is fired and then rebinding:

$('#homeGalleryImage li a').bind('click');

After it's done but this simply removes the click event after pressing a button once and never rebinds to it?

I've also tried disabling the button via:

$('#homeGalleryImage li a').attr('disabled', true);

To no avail... ?

There is a secondary issue where if you manage to click a button while the image is in a transition, the next image appears 'faded' as if the opacity has been lowered? Very strange... Here is the code for button clicks:

var i = 1;
var timerVal = 3000;
$(function () {
    $("#homeGalleryControls li a").click(function () {
        var image = $(this).data('image');
        $('#galleryImage').fadeOut(0, function () {
            $('#galleryImage').attr("src", image);
        $('.galleryButton').attr("src", "/Content/Images/Design/btn_default.gif");
        $(this).find('img').attr("src", "/Content/Images/Design/btn_checked.gif");
        i = $(this).data('index') + 1;
        if (i == 4) {
            i = 0;
        timerVal = 0;

Here is the code that cycles through the images on a timer:

//Cycle through gallery images on a timer
window.setInterval(swapImage, timerVal);
function swapImage() {
    $('#galleryImage').fadeOut(0, function () {
        var imgArray = ["/Content/Images/Design/gallery placeholder.jpg", "/Content/Images/Design/1.jpg", "/Content/Images/Design/2.jpg", "/Content/Images/Design/3.jpg"];
        var image = imgArray[i];

        if (i == 4) {
            i = 0;

        $('#galleryImage').attr("src", image);
    var currentButton = $('#homeGalleryControls li a img').get(i - 1);
    $('.galleryButton').attr("src", "/Content/Images/Design/btn_default.gif");
    $(currentButton).attr("src", "/Content/Images/Design/btn_checked.gif");

I realise it might be a better idea to use a plugin but I'm very new to jQuery and I'd like to learn something rather than using some ready made code.

Any help at all, is much appreciated.


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You could always try adding something to the element to cancel the click event?

For example

$(".element").click(function(e) {

    if ( $(this).hasClass("unclickable") ) {
    } else {

        //Your code continues here
        //Remember to remove the unclickable class when you want it to run again.



In your case you could try adding a check on the click.

$('#homeGalleryImage li a').attr('data-disabled', "disabled");

Then inside your click event

if ( $(this).attr("data-disabled" == "disabled") {
} else {
  //Ready to go here


Here is a working example showing the element becoming unclickable.

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I just gave this a go removing the 'unclickable' class after the click code has completed but it appears to have done nothing at all :( I'll try your other suggestion next – dtsg Jul 19 '12 at 8:19
Ill put together a jsfiddle example for you, give me a minute or two :) – Undefined Jul 19 '12 at 8:19
Tried the second suggestion but no luck either. It seems like unbinding/binding once done should work but it doesn't appear to rebind? Very strange. Thankyou though! – dtsg Jul 19 '12 at 8:25
@Duane Is it possible for you to put an example on jsfiddle? – Undefined Jul 19 '12 at 8:27
Played around in jsFiddle and found that it's the version of jQuery i'm using that's causing the fading/opacity issue I'm using 'jquery-1.5.1.min.js' whereas the version in jsFiddle is 1.72 which works fine. Thankyou for your help, I've marked this as answered :) – dtsg Jul 19 '12 at 9:22

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