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i feel like this is a stupid question but i can't find anything anywhere.

I want to build an SQL query using psycopg2 where the user specifies the sort / order by column.. client-side its a javascript grid of data offering sorting / paging etc.

normal substitution practice doesn't work: (note the E'xx')

cur.mogrify('select * from table offset %s limit %s order by %s', [0,5,'sort_column'])
>>> "select * from table offset 0 limit 5 order by E'sort_column'"

short of cleansing / substituting the order by clause in myself, what is the recommended way to do this ?

am i a duplicate of: psycopg2 E' on table, field and schema ?



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See my answer – Clodoaldo Neto Dec 15 '12 at 10:51
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Entity names (tables/columns etc...) in Python's DBAPI shouldn't be run through any place holder processing as variables are supposed to be. You will have to do your own formatting:

'select * from table offset %s limit %s order by %s' % (0,5,'sort_column')

But do use the proper escaping/placeholder functions for WHERE var = %s etc...

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ok thanks.. if that's the way it is then that's the way it is. – carlton.draught Jul 19 '12 at 16:23

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