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I am looking for a nice way to handle diffrent types of messages of type string (cross platform).

Imagine the next scenario:

we have a method: onMessageReceive(String message)
value of the parameter: 'order.new:1' or 'orderstatus.update:12' etc

now we can split the message in 'action' and 'parameter' by seperator ':'

String action = 'order.new'
String parameter = '1'

We can put this in a if-else statement

if (message.equels("order.new") {
    // get the order

} else if (message.equels("orderstatus.update") {
    // get the new order status<br/>

But i dont like it this way. It is "ok" if there are only 2 actions but what if there are 50 actions.

What are the other solutions (cross platform)?

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You can define a generic message handler interface with a single method

  interface MessageHandler {
     void handleMessage(String parameter);

Then, you could have a registry of handlers, one handler for each type of message. The registry could have an interface like this:

  class HandlersRegistry {
      public MessageHandler getHandler(String handlerType);
      public void addHandler(String handlerType, MessageHandler handler);

Internally, handlers registry can store a map that would map a string (handler type) to an appropriate MessageHandler object. This way you avoid long if-else or switch statements and you can easily extend the code to handle new types of messages.

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