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We are using reports in our web application. The report is generated using JasperReports.

The problem I am facing is:

My SQL query fetches data based on a where clause:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE level='c'

I can easily show this information inside the iReport.

But I need to fire another query where level='d' and the information for the same needs to be appended to the report with that of level='c'.

I tried grouping both the outputs. But problem is how do I fire two different query while generating the report because I can write only one query in QueryBuilder inside the iReport.

Is there anyway of achieving the same.

In essence:

The report should look like:

Name Age Phone number

Name Age Phone number

Level D should appear only after level c is completed.

Can anyone please guide.

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I finally managed to achieve the same..Grouping the data using level_id.. Initially I was trying to group in a different manner and hence the value was not getting shown..

The same is explained pretty nicely in ireport Ultimate guide-3 document.

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