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I'm developing a game (a missile command clone) where I need to check if a surface (a building) collides with a point (a missile).

screenshot missile command

How can I check if a missile hits a building?

A Rect has the collidepoint method, but I want it to be pixel perfect.

scene => using a Rect => using rect => but it should be pixel perfect => want it pixel perfect

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You can use a Mask and use it's get_at method.

Returns nonzero if the bit at (x,y) is set.

Creating a mask is quite simple by calling pygame.mask.from_surface

Returns a Mask from the given surface.
Makes the transparent parts of the Surface not set, and the opaque parts set.

So, given the following helper method for some vector math:

def sub(u, v):
  return [ u[i]-v[i] for i in range(len(u)) ]

use the following code to check if a given point is inside a mask/surface:

# create mask from surface
mask = pygame.mask.from_surface(building.surface)

# translate the position of the missile,
# since the top left coordinate of the mask is always (0, 0)
rel_point = sub(missile.position, building.position)
    if mask.get_at(rel_point): 
        # point in mask
except IndexError: 
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thats great! you should accept this answer! and thanks for sharing the info :) – hammythepig Jul 19 '12 at 16:23

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