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I am using PlantUML to make simple class diagrams and the tool is awesome, but I couldn't find any way to align classes with each other except putting them into packages or using relationships like Alice -left-* Bob. What I need is something like:

class Bob  
class Alice  
class Dan  
**Dan aligned Alice: horizontally**  
'or using a grid?  
**Bob at grid (2, 3)**  

Is there a way?

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No there are no way to do that. Sorry about that :-( But the idea behind PlantUML is that you should not care too much about the layout rendering.

Actually, early versions of PlantUML use to align classes, but it was an issue: When there were many unrelated classes, diagrams tend to be very large, and very thin. So a fix/hack has been added to organize classes in a squarre.

How many classes do you want to have in your diagram ? Sure it would be possible to disable this fix/hack for 3 to 5 classes (for example). You could post a suggestion to the forum to see what other users think about it.

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Hi, thanks for a fast answer. I will post a suggestion on the forum. – Yuriy Kulikov Jul 24 '12 at 9:30
I thought about an alternative, that shouldn't be very hard to implement: add "group", which allows to group several objects in a same way "package" or "namespace" does (but there is no frame). This can have additional options like "horizontal" or "vertical", but it is not that important. Important is, that we should be able to group classes after the whole diagram is finished by simply adding 'group { Bob Alice Animals.Cat }' which will force classes to stay close to each other. – Yuriy Kulikov Jul 24 '12 at 9:39

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