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Tried to find how to make {foo:"bar"} from ?...&foo=bar&... but googled and got only to jQuery.params which does the opposite. Any suggestions please (built-in javascript function, jquery, underscore.js - all goes)? Or, do I need to implement it by myself (not a big hassle, just trying not to reinvent the wheel)?

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well here you go: stackoverflow.com/questions/901115/… . A little search always helps. –  ggozad Jul 19 '12 at 9:27
@ggozad: searched for a conversion into JSON/object, not just getting values. thanks for the link! sadly this function isn't standard somewhere in jQuery or so. –  BreakPhreak Jul 19 '12 at 9:30

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You have Ben Alman's jQuery BBQ and a jQuery.deparam in it. It is described as The opposite of jQuery.param, pretty much.


First example is exactly what you need.

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I am posting here my function just in case other will look and will want to get it straight forward no need for jquery native JS. Because I was looking for the same thing and finally made this function after viewing others answers:

function queryStringToJSON(queryString) {
  if(queryString.indexOf('?') > -1){
    queryString = queryString.split('?')[1];
  var pairs = queryString.split('&');
  var result = {};
  pairs.forEach(function(pair) {
    pair = pair.split('=');
    result[pair[0]] = decodeURIComponent(pair[1] || '');
  return result;

console.log(queryStringToJSON('test=1&check=wow'));//Object {test: "1", check: "wow"}
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Actually the above answer by @talsibony doesn't take into account query string arrays (such as test=1&test=2&test=3&check=wow&such=doge). This is my implementation:

function queryStringToJSON(qs) {
    qs = qs || location.search.slice(1);

    var pairs = qs.split('&');
    var result = {};
    pairs.forEach(function(pair) {
        var pair = pair.split('=');
        var key = pair[0];
        var value = decodeURIComponent(pair[1] || '');

        if( result[key] ) {
            if( Object.prototype.toString.call( result[key] ) === '[object Array]' ) {
                result[key].push( value );
            } else {
                result[key] = [ result[key], value ];
        } else {
            result[key] = value;

    return JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(result));
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