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Is there an easy way to find all references to the project in solution in VS2010? In fact I have a solution with 43 projects in it and I want to make sure there are no projects that have references to Project#N.


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Easy but dull way: right-click on solution, choose Project Dependencies, choose the first project in the Projects drop down list, and use down arrow to scroll through projects. For each project in Project box look if your project of interested checked in the list - that's most probably will make your list.

Or you can use Resharper for this:

  • Right-click on module and choose Find Code Dependent on Module to find all projects which really use this module (this will not show references which exist, but not used).
  • Right-click on module and choose Project Hierarchy, then click "Referencing projects" to see all project references
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"Find Code Dependent on Module" from Resharper works perfect! Thanks! – Teddy Apr 3 '13 at 14:12

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