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Digging around for several days to get my PHP app write on facebook fan page and got almost crazy.

  1. Already given my app manage_page permission for a particular facebook page.

  2. Visited

  3. Copied access token from result of previous step

  4. Visited

  5. Got the result as following:

    "data": [
             "name": "PAGE_TITLE",
             "access_token":     "SHORT_LIVING_ACCESS_TOKEN",
             "category": "Local/travel",
             "id": "PAGE_ID_THAT_APP_IS_TO_WRITE_ON_WALL",
             "perms": [

  7. Visited

  8. Getting the error and stuck here:

    {"error_code":1,"error_msg":"An unknown error occurred"}

p.s. I correctly replaced {APP_ID}, {APP_SECRET} where necessary.

Please, help!

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You’re doing it the wrong way around, I think. You are getting a short-lived page access token and try to prolong that.

What you should do, is get a short-lived user access token, prolong that, and then go get the page access token with the long-lived user access token.

That process should give you a page access token with no default expiry.

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Once I wrote the post above, I tried the same you explained and it did work. So, you are right, that's a right way. –  user1537407 Jul 19 '12 at 12:15

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