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I am having two domains.One is secured and the other is not.Currently,when the user submits form data i redirect the the user to this secure website to collect further details.This redirection is made secure by means of cross domain cookies.

Now,instead of redirecting to the secure page i am planning to load the secure page in an iframe.But i am not aware of the security measures to be taken up to secure this communication via iframe.How to ensure that this communication is secured?Will setting cross-domain cookies solve the problem?

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When you say that one domain is secured and redirection is secured by "cross domain cookies", secured how? When you say "secure this communication via iframe", what are your concerns? – Marcus Adams Jul 19 '12 at 12:56
Measures to prevent XSS and other attacks – Never Back Down Jul 20 '12 at 2:48
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I send a pixel request from non-secure to secure site,which inturn drops a cookie with its domain and sends back the pixel as mean of successful response. Now when the real request comes from non-secure site, i check for the cookie and it's domain therby creating a secure environment and also made the page in secure site a one time vist page.

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