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is the html5 working on android 2.2 and above? i was tried a youtube link, but it is working with js. they just adding <!DOCTYPE html> that all then say is support html5? and i tried to put other html5 coding as below

<form action="/newaccount" method=post
  oninput="up2.setCustomValidity(up2.value != up.value ? 'Passwords do not match.' : '')">
<label for="username">E-mail address:</label>
<input id="username" type=email required name=un>
<label for="password1">Password:</label>
<input id="password1" type=password required name=up>
<label for="password2">Confirm password:</label>
<input id="password2" type=password name=up2>
<input type=submit value="Create account" />

is it html5 must with jquery or javascript then will working at my android device 2.3.6? is it now html5 full support with android 4.0 only?

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You want to explore Phone Gap. Its a platform-independent development environment which converts apps written with HTML5, CSS and JS into publish-ready Android, IPhone, Windows etc apps.


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this one i knew it..is it now only this software can do html5 and compatible with Android, IPhone, Windows etc? –  user1434388 Jul 20 '12 at 1:56

yes html5 is working on android 2.2 and above.
html5 support with android browser

its possible that your emulator does not support some feature.
try to run your app in device.

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already tried...not work..should i post the full script? i do type=email using the youtube method i posted above, however it doesn't working.. –  user1434388 Jul 20 '12 at 1:51

No browser currently fully support HTML5, but some support most of the specifications. The built-in browser of Android 2.2 does support the type=email specification.

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<!DOCTYPE html> only applies when making a webpage. It converts basic html to html5.

Html5 on Android 2.2 only supports:

  1. <!DOCTYPE html>
  2. 2D Context
  3. Text
  4. Selection of elements - embedding custom non visible data
  5. Dynamic mark up insertion
  6. Base64 encoding and decoding
  7. Cross document messaging
  8. One field type- input type=text

HOWEVER, it doesnt support:

html5 tokenizer, html tree building, svg in text/html, mathML in text/html,video element, subtitle support, poster image support, MPEG-4, Audio, MP3

Nearly all field types:

input type=search
input type=tel
input type=url
input type=email
input type=datetime
input type=date
input type=month
input type=week
input type=time
input type=datetime-local
input type=range
input type=color
input type=checkbox
input type=image
field validation
form validation
Spellcheck attribute
Session history
Device Orientation
FileReader API
Local Storage
Access the camera
Full Screen 

But Google say it does well in SandWich Ice Cream

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