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I have the following enum:

public enum PageIdsOptions
        PageID_News = 1,
        PageID_Signup = 2,
        PageID_AffiliateSignup = 3,
        PageID_Cashier = 4,
        PageID_Promotions = 5

and the following property:

public PageIdsOptions Hint { get; set; }

I recieved a string with this value:

string hintValue = "PageID_Signup";

And I want to assign the value of hintValue to the property Hint:

Hint = hintValue;

so that Hint will be equal to

Hint = PageIdsOptions.PageID_Signup;

How can this be done? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

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Use Enum.Parse method, (this will throw an exception if hintValue contains any invalid value)

Hint = (PageIdsOptions) Enum.Parse(typeof(PageIdsOptions), hintValue);

You can also use Enum.TryParse, (this will return a boolean if the parsing is successful or not, but no exception will be thrown)

PageIdsOptions Hint;

 if (Enum.TryParse(hintValue, out Hint))
         //Parsed successfully
        // Parsing failed
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you beat me to it, + 1 –  Jodrell Jul 19 '12 at 10:04
    var value = Enum.Parse(typeof(PageIdsOptions), hintValue);
catch(ArgumentException e)
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how about

if (!Enum.TryParse(hintValue, out Hint))
    // throw an exception because hintValue did not parse.
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