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I am using this div inside a repeater.

<div class="view" id="View"> 

I want this div control in asp.net c# code. This is my code now:

 HtmlGenericControl h3name = null;
 h3name = (HtmlGenericControl)RepeaterView2.Items[count].FindControl("View");
 h3name.Style.Add("width", CHeight.ToString());

But i did not get control . How can i solve this problem?

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Please show the Repeater html code looks like you have not passed the correct name or case in FindControl method –  HatSoft Jul 19 '12 at 10:01

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Your div must be with runat="server" attribute.

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HtmlGenericControl defines the methods, properties, and events for all HTML server control elements not represented by a specific .NET Framework class. So if its a server control you can simply use:

HtmlGenericControl sample= e.Item.FindControl("YOURDIVNAME") as HtmlGenericControl;

and also add runet="server" to your div.

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First add a runat server in your div

<div class="view" id="View" runat="server">

now in item bound event of your repeater find it like

HtmlGenericControl sample= e.Item.FindControl("View") as HtmlGenericControl
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