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In my android app, the user can create wav files. I save them in a folder in the external storage. Once created, I want to play them via SoundPool. But for this, I need an ID such as R.raw.sound1 ...

Is there a way to do this in android ?

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You don't need the resource ID. SoundPool has two other load() methods. See this one: load(String, int)

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Ok, it works. I give the possibility to record 3 different sounds. They can choose which one to play with radiobuttons, then click play. The three sounds are recorded fine, but whatever I click on, only the last one is played. And it crashes when I play it twice (I repeat the sample indefinitly with a do{ }while(play). I'm looking into it. –  Intern John Smith Jul 19 '12 at 10:58
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IDs are required for the bundled resources of an Android application. If you want to play an external file with SoundPool, you should use one of the following methods:

public int load (String path, int priority);

public int load (FileDescriptor fd, long offset, long length, int priority);
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