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I have the Portable Library Tools beta 2 installed in Visual Studio 2010. I created a new library and set it to be compatible with .Net 4.0.3 and Silverlight 5. I then tried to add a reference to the PCL project from a Silverlight Web project. I got the message:

Unable to add a reference to project "PortableClassLibrary". The current project's target framework is not one of or compatible with the target frameworks of Portable Library project "PortableClassLibrary".

A Portable Library project's target frameworks can be changed via the Library tab in the project's properties.

I don't want to change the PCL target, I want to change the target of the Web project. I went the the Properties > Application tab and the Target framework is ".Net Framework 4.0". There wasn't an option for 4.0.3. I checked and realised that the update for 4.0.3 (KB2600211) wasn't installed on this machine, so I installed it and rebooted, as requested.

There still isn't a 4.0.3 option in VS and I'm still getting the message. Any ideas?


VS 2010 SP1 is already installed.

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You have install Visual Studio 2010 SP1 before installing .NET Framework version 4.0.3 then it will be visible in the target framework. –  MMK Jul 19 '12 at 10:57
Be sure you read the instructions for the extension, this part Deploying with Silverlight, is VERY important. Visual Studio SP1 install the .NET Framework 4.0.3 ( its required ) I am not exactly sure how you were able to install 4.0.3 without updating Visual Studio. –  Ramhound Jul 19 '12 at 10:57
I already had SP1. Maybe I missed 2600211 in the (long) list. If so, it let me reinstall over the top without issue. I already have the current version of the PCL tools as well. –  serialhobbyist Jul 19 '12 at 13:23
I had missed the Design time part of 4.0.3 (2600214) - that is now installed but hasn't made any difference. –  serialhobbyist Jul 19 '12 at 14:21
Workaround: if I create the PCL as .Net 4 and Silverlight 5 and Add a Reference to it from the other project and then edit the PCL project Properties and set it to .Net 4 Platform Update 3, it works. I've built a simple test solution which uses a class from the PCL in a WCF service and returns it to the Silverlight project and it works as it should. –  serialhobbyist Jul 19 '12 at 14:23

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To target .NET Framework 4.0.3, you need to install KB2600214, and then change the Project Properties -> Application -> Target Framework to .NET Framework 4.0.3.

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It's working, now, thanks. I think it just needed another restart. –  serialhobbyist Aug 4 '12 at 8:49

You may have to consult this page on Microsoft's site. It offers a few workarounds for these Targeted Framework errors. Personally, I ended up manually modifying this line in my csproj file:

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