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I'm trying to get the recipient addresses within an IPM.DistList that is stored in a public folder (of type contacts) in Exchange 2003. The typeName of the object (once I get hold of it) is a Message (with a parent object being a Messages collection) and the messageType is "IPM.DistList".

I can find all sorts of things about IPM.DistListItems, which you would think an IPM.DistList would contain, but there apparently isn't any documentation on the DistList (that I can find) and DistListItems documentation lists no parent possibilities in MSDN.

I'll state it another way in case I've left you confused:

We have an Exchange 2003 info store with Public Folders. Within those Public Folders is a [sub]folder (that holds items of type "Contact") that has a bunch of distribution lists (IPM.DistList's) that have contact entries, members of the list essentially.

I need to get the addresses of the members of the lists in the Public Folder sub-folder using any VB language, because the company I work for hired me as a VB guy and expects me to write VB solutions, even though I could do it in C++... alas, I digress. VB is the language I'm supposed to figure this out in. (.net, script, vba, vb6, it doesn't matter which one. Yes, I know vb.net is not really related to those that came before, but they don't know that.)

Anyone ran into anything like this? Am I just not finding the IPM.DistList documentation but it does actually exist somewhere? This isn't a Message.MAPIOBJECT (iUnknown) problem is it?



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Well, it's been over a year, but I feel some obligation to answer this question now that I've found it. The answer was, I think, that no documentation exists on this secret bit of Exchange, but was able to iterate through the list of addresses within each ipm.distlist by something like this:

for a = 0 to list.count-1
   emladdress = list(a)(a).value

I don't know why "(a)(a)" works, but you have to have both of them there. And I don't actually remember if it was a zero-based index, so that's a guess. Good luck, and hopefully you can migrate your users off Exchange and into google apps. Seriously!

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