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I have recently started working with backbone.js and i am finally started to get my head around after many tutorials.

One thing i am stuck on is how to use the routing to allow a list to pull different rest request.

Say i have the following in my collection

 var NewsCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({  
          model : News,  
          url: '',  

From my understanding correct me if i am wrong backbone stores all the data pulled from the above feed into my model that extends this collection, this will all work i will pull in the feed and then display it in the view

This is where i get confused within my routing i have the following.

var NewsRouter = Backbone.Router.extend({
            routes: {
                "": "defaultRoute",

            defaultRoute: function () {
                var movies = new NewsCollection()
                new NewsView({ collection: movies });
                //setInterval(function(){movies.fetch({success: function(){}});}, 60000);
            updatedRoute:function (country_code) {

           = this.movies.get(country_code);



I need to run the updatedRoute function when that will display a list of news based on cat of country code see below.

How do i update the whole feed when a list item is click so the browser url would be.


my list item is.

<li><a href='#news/gb'>GB</a></li>

I can get that in the updateRoute function with = this.movies.get(country_code);

Can someone please help

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that's easy. you will filter instead of get. _.filter( takes array of json and filters them down to matching set. You have to create a new variable to hold that set and pass that to the view that can display it. – Deeptechtons Jul 19 '12 at 11:27
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You can either override the fetch function on your collection or temporarily change the url of the collection in your router action.

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